Guided by our well-rounded philosophy and curriculum, our highly trained teachers help develop what’s unique in every  child–nurturing imagination, fostering creativity and preparing them for school and for life.  We believe every child at Borrowed Babies Daycare is an extension of our own family.  Through daily communication and regular events, we foster trust, friendship and community between our directors, caregivers, parents and children.


Early childhood education and development is critically important.  At Borrowed Babies Daycare, our experienced teachers and staff help facilitate this period of learning, and that’s what separates us from traditional child care facilities.  With our developmental program, your baby will be paired with a primary teacher who will provide personalized attention and nurture them through every milestone.  


At Borrowed Babies Daycare, we build on the momentum of your toddler’s learning and natural curiosity and help them learn at their own pace.  In our Developmental program, our teachers form strong, caring relationships with your toddler and guide them through learning experiences that stimulate their development and reinforce the skills they’re taught at home. 


At Borrowed Babies Daycare, we know that your 3 and 4-year-olds are ready for the next challenge.  We provide the motivation and guidance to build on their momentum and prepare them for Kindergarten.  The Highscope program enables learning experiences where your 4-year-old’s creativity can thrive in an environment that encourages curiosity and exploration.

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